Harnessy - nowy trend erotyczny w Polsce

Harnessy - a new erotic trend in Poland

Recently, we have been observing a new trend on the Polish erotic market - harness. Well-known Polish lingerie brands are increasingly introducing this type of products into their collections. If you want to know more, we invite you to read the whole.

What is Harness?

A harness is an accessory that is usually made of natural leather or other materials. It consists of stripes of various lengths and sizes, connected at the waist, on the chest or around the neck.

Originally, it was seen as an accessory typically BDSM ( bondage , discipline - sadism - sadism, masochism - masochism) , but now harnesses take on a gentler appearance, more feminine and sexy.

If you love sexy lingerie, but you lack something more suggestive, harness will be the perfect accessory.

Celebrities in harnesses

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Where to start?

Instead of all the harness, you can start with something small like a choker or collar.

This collar with a chain is perfect for the beginning of your adventure with leather accessories. It is very feminine, it emphasizes the breasts wonderfully, and the chain is not only an ornament, but can also be used as a bow.

If you feel ready for something bolder, choose a whole set, e.g. belt + chest harness.

Remember that it is up to you to give your Harness a more or less vulgar look. Adjust the accessories to make you feel the most comfortable.

A softer option will be elastic fabric harness. Composed with your favorite underwear, they will add spice and you will feel sexy.

The straps are adjustable, which ensures a perfect fit to the figure and emphasizes the most beautiful parts of the female body.

How to wear harness?

A harness is an accessory that can be worn over your clothes or directly on the body. It goes well with shirts, T-shirts, dresses and is a perfect complement to underwear.

Below are examples of how you can wear harness.

What material to choose?

Classic harness is made of natural leather. In the Premium collection, we use high-quality leather from Italy, which is soft and comfortable to wear. The thickness of ~ 1.2mm provides a more delicate nature of the products and makes them not vulgar.

A leather replacement may be a cheaper alternative. The synthetic leather we use in the MetaLove collection resembles natural leather. However, it is not so soft and durable. Below is a comparison of materials:

Another material are elastic bands that we use in the StrappyThin collection. The stripes are thinner and there are often more of them than in the case of leather accessories. The slightly satin gloss of the material makes the product more romantic.

The last material from which we create harnesses are chains, i.e. erotic jewelry or body chains.

The chains are made of steel and do not contain nickel, which means they do not cause allergies. They can be worn on the naked body.

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