Ranking najlepszych serii erotyków i romansów cz. I

Ranking of the best erotica and romance series part AND

Did you like the popular "50 Shades of Gray" or "365 Days"? We have something better! Especially for you, we have compiled a compilation of the hottest series of romances and erotica! Yes, yes, it is not about individual books, but about whole series. These books are a real hit when it comes to eroticism in a book edition.
If you haven't read anything like that yet, we encourage you. These books do not sin with a complicated plot, but they can take you to a different world, full of sex and passion. Good erotica can arouse your love and make you think about it all day long.
How would you convince yourself?
Series : Driven ~ K. Bromberg
The title of the first book: Passion Stronger Than Pain
Rating goodreads: 4.37 / 5 out of 204 k votes
Rating like read: 8/10 out of 7k ratings
Number of books in the series: 9
Years of release: 2013-2018

"You are Rylee Thomas - a successful woman, used to being in control of her own life. In every aspect of it. Beautiful and independent, you are absolutely not a potential trophy for a beautiful naughty boy. but you will be joined by lust. You will lose control, he will lose self-confidence. You will gain ... extraordinary sensations, not only sexual.
In a world of willing women, I challenge the bastard and painfully handsome Colton Donavan. A man used to getting what he wants in all aspects of life. He's a reckless bad boy who constantly teeters on the verge of lack of control and dangerous lapses. I can't give him what he wants and he can't give me what I need. But will I be able to leave once I look under his carefully polished outer shell and begin to discover the dark secrets of his wounded soul? "

Series:  My player / The Player ~ K. Bromberg
First book title: My Player
Rating goodreads: 4.33 / 5 out of 16 k votes
Rating orread: 7.3 / 10 out of 1.2k ratings
Number of books in the series: 2
Years of release: 2017
"Easton Wylder is a baseball star and sport is his whole life: passion, fight, adrenaline rush and the deafening scream of fans. However, an unexpected injury takes him out of the game. It soon turns out that the injury is more serious than he thought, and it becomes necessary to carry out The club employs a respected physiotherapist, Dr. Dalton, for this purpose, but his daughter, Scout, appears instead of the doctor for the first session.
The girl knows physiotherapy very well, and she took care of Easton's rehabilitation at the express request of her father. Nevertheless, she is a young woman, beautiful, bright, aggressive and full of great grace. He quickly realizes that a new task may turn out to be very difficult to complete. First, he has to prove that she - a girl - can successfully rehabilitate a first-class club because she has the knowledge and skills to make Easton go back to the field. Second, she must touch the most attractive man she has ever dealt with and must not desire him. For the therapist, the patient is to remain a forbidden fruit.
It is supposed to remain, but it's not that simple. Easton has such a wonderfully muscular body. Smooth, silky warm skin. Strange eyes Scout could stare into forever. He's mischievous and cheeky, and at times sweet and helpless. When the girl touches Easton, she keeps hovering on the edge. Unnoticed, a spiral of desires spins, all boundaries are exceeded, and more bases are conquered again and again ... The amazing, exciting and most emotional match you have ever had the opportunity to watch begins!
Let yourself heal and get back to the game! "
Series:  Ten Man / This Man ~ K. Bromberg
The title of the first book: This man
Rating goodreads: 4.28 / 5 out of 286 k votes
Rating orread: 7.5 / 10 out of 8k ratings
Number of books in the series: 7
Years of release: 2012-2018
"The young super sexy millionaire has made life meaningful and will not hesitate to cross any boundaries ...
A dangerous obsession will connect a beautiful interior designer and this man.
Ava O'Shea receives an intriguing contract: to decorate the interior of a historic mansion outside London. The residence surprises with its splendor, but its owner is even more surprising. Ava is expecting a boring aging snob, and she meets a young, stunningly handsome and astonishingly confident guy - Jesse Ward.
This Man, accustomed to satisfying his wildest fantasies, awakens her overwhelming desire. But Ava feels there is a disturbing secret behind his pursuit of pleasure.
Instinct tells her that she should run away. But Jesse Ward is not going to let her go ... "
Series: Made ~ Danielle Lori 
First book title: The Sweetest Oblivion
Rating goodreads: 4.26 / 5 out of 54 k votes
Rating orread: 8.2 / 10 out of 1.5k ratings
Number of books in series: 3 (4 on the way)
Years of release: 2018-2020
"A mafia romance, perfect for fans of United by Honor!
"Dangerous mafioso, forbidden relationship and hate-love theme - the perfect mix." Hot Book Story
They call Elena sweet Abella. The woman thinks it is because of her cheerful disposition, but in the ranks of the mafia she received the nickname for a completely different reason ... Men follow her with lustful eyes and many of them would give anything to find out how sweet Abella can be.
Especially one of them - a mafia boss nicknamed "Ace", with the ace of spades tattooed on his forearm. However, in an arranged marriage, Nicolas is to marry Abella's younger, not older sister.
Elena cannot deny that the man is very sexy and that when she is nearby her heart beats to the rhythm of raindrops hitting the glass.
Only he is too scary, too dangerous and he will become her brother-in-law ... "
A touch of the Cross by Sylvia Day
Series: Wypalona / Crossfire Sylvia ~ June Day
First book title: A Touch of the Cross
Goodreads rating: 4.18 / 5 out of 1145k ratings
Rating orread: 7.1 / 10 out of 25k ratings
Number of books in the series: 5
Years of release: 2012-2016
"Sylvia Day's" Touch of the Cross "is a book read by women in thirty-six languages ​​around the world. It is an erotic novel that combines good style with exceptional reading pleasure.
Gideon Cross appeared in Eva's life like a bolt from the blue. This beautiful and intriguing man turned her head like no one else. She wanted his unique touch that made her red hot. She couldn't stop thinking about him. He was like a drug to her. Though she knew he was undoing her, she was still drawn to him. Her wounded soul and body resisted this love, but he had it easily anyway. This love made Eva feel like she was born again. She just prayed that this beautiful dream would last forever ... "
Series: On Dublin Street ~ Samantha Young
The title of the first book: Wbrem princiom
Rating goodreads: 4.13 / 5 out of 401k ratings
Rating orread: 7.3 / 10 out of 6.5k ratings
Number of books in the series: 15
Years of release: 2012-2020
"Jocelyn Butler only wants the present, but the future awaits. Soon all her secrets will see the light of day ...
A few years ago, Jocelyn said goodbye to her tragic past in the United States and began a new life in Scotland. She ended her mourning, chased away the demons, and resolved never to give anyone any affection again. Her loner life was going quite well until she moved into her new home on Dublin Street, where she met a man who had invaded her carefully guarded privacy.
Braden Carmichael always got what he wanted - and this time he's determined to get Jocelyn to bed. Knowing how much she dreads long-term relationships, Braden proposes a no-obligation deal that would satisfy both of them.
Intrigued, Jocelyn agrees, but soon learns that Braden is not satisfied with just great passion. The stubborn Scot wants to know her true nature - to penetrate her soul.
When I started reading this novel, I felt like a young girl again. I wanted to hang a Do Not Disturb sign on my room door and read it until morning. I put it on my private bestseller list of 2012! - Fiction Vixen
Lots of fun dialogue, incredibly sexy scenes and lots of drama. Did I mention the extremely sexy scenes yet? - Dear Author "
Series: Niegodziwe Eduke / Wicked Ways ~ K. Bromberg
The title of the first book: Resistance
Rating goodreads: 4.32 / 5 out of 8.5k ratings
Rating orread: 7.4 / 10 out of 0.7k ratings
Number of books in the series: 2
Years of release: 2019
"Ryker Lockhart is undoubtedly a very handsome and wealthy man. However, his profession should arouse distrust among women: Ryker is a well-known and successful lawyer specializing in divorce. that upon closer acquaintance the man turned out to be a cold bastard, handsome and intelligent, but still arrogant and nasty type.
Vaughn certainly ruled out any relationship with someone like Ryker. She was too independent and brave, and she had an exuberant temperament. And in addition, very specific obligations on the head. Common sense told her that if she allowed this guy to step into her life, she could lose everything she'd built so hard in no time. Unfortunately, the girl did not always listen to common sense. She met with Ryker, who used blackmail to achieve his goals. But she saw something in him that made her decide to play a risky game instead of backing off.
Breaking your own rules and succumbing to such types rarely leads to a happy ending. Vaughn and Ryker could not remain indifferent to each other. They both had strong characters and an iron will. Neither was going to take a step back. But how long can you resist growing passion? And how to play by the rules when the specter of disaster looms on the horizon and the situation spins out of control?
It's just a game, isn't it? "
We hope you will like some of them.
We wish you a pleasant reading and we invite you to follow the next part!
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