We have another dose of inspiration for you to refresh your sex life! If you're looking for ideas to spend the moment a little differently than usual, here are they:

  1. Try new positions. If you think you know them all, you are probably wrong (e.g. have you heard about position 68?). Remember that a well-chosen position allows you to get more pleasure. So experiment!
    If you're lacking ideas, you can find a whole lot on the internet, e.g. https://sexpositions.online/ . From browsing it till it gets hot :)
    If you use other sources, be sure to link in the comment!

  2. You've heard about role-playing , but have you ever tried it? If you don't have experience with this, it's best not to go crazy with fancy costumes. This role play can become uncomfortable and embarrassing for you and you will never go back to it. For your convenience, we present the most popular scenarios: teacher-student, boss-secretary, businessman-maid. It will be even more spicy when you switch roles!

  3. Body paints. Just buy regular body paints and 2 brushes. Paint each other's bodies. It can be very fun for you.
    Edible paints are also available on the market, so after spreading them on the skin, the paint can be consumed.

  4. Read an erotic book together. Out loud! The erotic scenes will be the most fascinating and exciting.
    If you like reading erotica yourself or are in the process, read only hot scenes aloud to him. You can get into those roles in the meantime and do the same as the characters in the book.
    Here https://bit.ly/33VuKtX you will find a whole list of erotica.

  5. Go to the sex shop together. Check out toys, costumes, and other erotic accessories. Ask the staff about new products, or just let them advise you on what you can buy. This exit is exciting in itself.

  6. Olive . If you haven't used it yet, be sure to try it! You can use it for erotic massage, then choose warming and fragrance oils, those dedicated to massages.
    The second use of the olive will be as a lubricant. For this purpose, coconut or almond oil works best, because they do not irritate the intimate parts, but they moisturize and enhance the sensations of the partner's touch.

  7. How about .. rent a hotel for one night (or two)?
    Choose amenities that will fulfill one of your fantasies, e.g. a very large bed, a large hot tub, private pool / jacuzzi, on the top floor with large windows, or a cottage in the middle of the forest.


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