Chokers and collars

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Collars and chokers - fashionable accessories that come from the culture of BDSM and fetishism. However, nowadays they have become popular in mainstream fashion and are worn by many people. Collars and chokers are available in a variety of styles, colors and materials, allowing you to match them to a variety of dressing styles.
One of the most popular materials from which collars and chokers are made is natural leather. This material gives these accessories character and ensures durability and strength. Leatherette is also a popular choice due to its similar texture and durability, but is more animal-friendly.
Adjustment is another important element of collars and chokers. This allows you to adjust them to different neck sizes and ensure a proper fit. They are often equipped with metal buckles or buttons that allow for adjustment.
Color is another factor that affects the style of collars and chokers. The most popular colors are black and red, which are classic BDSM colors. Red is usually associated with intensity and passion, while black symbolizes darkness and mystery. Of course, there are also other colors such as white, blue and pink that come in different styles and can match different outfits.
Diamonds and metal elements are other popular decorations that can be found on collars and chokers. They usually add shine and elegance, and provide a contrast to leather or other materials. Gold or silver hardware are also popular choices and make a valuable addition to these accessories.
Chains are another popular option that can add character and style to collars and chokers. They may be made of metal or other material and their length may vary. Flexible harnesses are another style that has become popular recently. They are usually more flexible than traditional collars and chokers and often have interesting patterns or shapes.
Collars and chokers match many different dressing styles. Black collars and chokers are often worn with rock outfits such as leather jackets and pants. Red collars and chokers are often worn with dresses and other more elegant outfits. Some people wear collars and chokers as an accessory to their everyday outfits to add a bit of style and character. They can be worn with sweatshirts, T-shirts and even denim jackets.
Are a choker and a collar the same?
The choker can be made of various materials such as leather, velvet, lace or metal. It can have different widths and lengths, as well as various decorations, such as crystals, pearls or chains. A choker is often a subtle addition to an outfit that adds elegance and style.
The collar is usually more visible and is usually made of a wider strap or material. It often has additional elements, such as buckles or chains, that allow you to adjust the size and fit to the neck. The collar can be made of various materials such as leather, metal, neoprene or fabric. A collar usually has a more extravagant appearance than a choker and is more often used as a visual element in costumes or artistic styling.
In short, a choker is usually a narrow strap worn at the bottom of the neck, while a choker is a wider strap worn higher on the neck. Both accessories can be made of different materials and decorations, and their choice depends on individual style preferences and visual needs.
Flexible chokers

Flexible fabric chokers are a type of accessory worn around the neck made of soft and flexible materials such as neoprene, latex or elastic. They are often more comfortable to wear than chokers made of other hard materials such as leather or metal.

Flexible chokers often have additional elements, such as decorations, buckles or connections with silver or gold fittings. They can have various shapes, from simple narrow stripes to more complex patterns.

Due to their flexibility and softness, stretch chokers are often used in cosplay, alternative, goth or punk costumes. They can also be used as an element of clothing during photo sessions or concerts.

Flexible chokers are also popular in everyday fashion and can be worn in a variety of styles. They can add a subtle accent to simple T-shirts, as well as be a distinctive element in more avant-garde styles.

In short, stretchy fabric chokers are comfortable and flexible neck accessories that are popular in alternative fashion and cosplay costumes. They can be worn as a subtle accent in everyday fashion or as a distinctive element in more avant-garde styles.